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Who Is Commercial Gaskets, Inc.?

We are the most economical developer of OEM
Commercial Replacement Gaskets.

We offer a total turnkey comprehensive package covering every pertinent aspect of opening and running a successful retail business long term.

We are uniquely qualified to provide a pathway for you to build financial independence with your own business.

Executive Summary


Our company's mission is to create a nationwide network of independent dealers to serve commercial establishments. Our 5 year plan is to make Commercial Gaskets a national brand name service company and become a major force in the industry.

We aspire to carry a reputation in the marketplace for developing and delivering cost savings and, time saving, better-way products sold at a fair price for uses in the commercial refrigeration market. We can achieve this by constant monitoring, and close understanding of market trends and needs.

In pursuit of our goal, we resolve to dealers, customers, and the community, fairness, price competitive and a professional manner.

To accomplish our goal, Commercial Gaskets needs and pursues talented entreprenural people with a mindset for success.


Commercial Gaskets was founded in 1991 by Brad & Beth Bacon and has developed a niche market in the gasket repair business, servicing restaurants, hotels, schools and any business that has our needs. The legal name of the business is Commercial Gaskets Enterprises.

Our principal offices are located at Palm Harbor Florida. We have approximately 900 square feet of office space and 1200 square feet of warehouse.


Commercial Gaskets is the leader in specialized refrigeration & oven gaskets. Commercial Gaskets makes and installs gaskets for commercial refrigerators & ovens used in restaurants, hospitals, hotels... just about any commercial kitchen where wear and tear dictate the frequent replacement of refrigeration gaskets.

Product or Service

Every where you look, you will notice that the restaurant business is booming.

It is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It has been said that a new restaurant opens somewhere every 30 minutes.

What is exciting about that is that every one of those new restaurants along with all the older restaurants have anywhere from 6 to 20 or more coolers/freezers on their premises.

Over time, in the harsh environment of a commercial kitchen, the door gaskets wear out quickly.

To avoid the added utility costs of running an inefficient refrigerator or having a health department inspector write them up, the owner usually calls a full-service refrigeration company.

Refrigeration companies do not want to fool with gaskets... they are primarily interested in the major repairs. A refrigeration company gasket repair can take weeks and sometimes months to complete, because they don't stock the materials and they do the repairs between major emergency calls......

Go to some of your neighborhood restaurants and talk to the owners/managers. You will find that they will give you a warm welcome when you tell them that you can offer next business day service on gasket repairs at a considerable cost savings.

The Market

We define our market as any commercial establishment that has refirigeration. Each refrigeration unit requires routine maintenance, including but not limited to door gaskets. This market is literally a niche market since there are only a few businesses involved in exclusively servicing the gasket industry.

Typical customers are most franchise establishments such as McDonalds, Wendys, Hilton Hotels, Ruby Tuesdays, Chiles, Outback Steakhouses, Burger King, actually too many to list.

We educate our customers by direct marketing and making them realize a 30% to 50% savings on gasket repair. All of our current customers are repeat business month after month.


We have no direct competition, but there are alternatives to our products in the marketplace. The alternative is to order gasket replacment kits from manufacturers and wait several weeks for delivery and do it yourself or hire an outside refrigeration company to replace gaskets. Typically kits that are ordered come in packages that have gasket material all twisted and curled and doesn’t fit properly.

Refrigeration companies are really not interested in the gasket end of the business, they are more concerned with high end repairs, and lead time for specialty gaskets may be weeks. Our product or service is unique because of our ability to produce results immediatialy and we have a competitive advantage because of our speed to the market, established brand name, reputation and low cost.

There is literally no risk in our business since every commercial refrigeration gasket has to be replaced every 6-12 month’s or so. The only risk is not being there to answer your phone when service calls are coming in daily.

Business Opportunity Capital Requirements

by research depending on area.

Guide to Action:

You will be well equipped to begin building your own independent dealership.

Your one time business opportunity fee buys you... ..

1. A protected territory in the area of your choice, covering a specific geographic area with well-defined, mutually agreed upon boundaries. No other Commercial Gaskets opportunities will operate within your territory.

2. An opening supply of gasket and magnet material covering approximately 100% of refrigerators currently in production that will generate $20,000 in sales.

3. All necessary forms, invoices, business cards, post cards, everything you need in order to start your business right away.

A patented specially-designed Commercial Gaskets Welding Machine and all tools and fixtures needed to make and install gaskets. ( hand drills, bits, hardware, everything you will need to do the job.)

4. One week of training at our plant in Florida.

5. Travel by our company President & Founder, to your location for onsite training and sales promotion.

6. Ongoing technical assistance during working hours over the phone.

7. Internet listings on our retail website.



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